Dear Dedicated Entrepreneur,

I invite you to be part of a case study I am doing about entrepreneurship.

Have you ever said, “If I had only known…?” We all have.· Making mistakes and suffering from the resulting financial and emotional consequences of those mistakes is all part of building a business.· However, seeking the right strategic master advisors who will open doors for you and steer you away from potentially painful pitfalls is not only priceless…but it can speed your way to reaching your goals more quickly.

One of my greatest joys is serving as that strategic advisor for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to growing their businesses. I have spoken at many different entrepreneurial events and experienced what worked for the attendees….and too often, what didn’t. Most of the time the attendees get all pumped up but return home without a specific action plan tailored for them to execute.


In fact, I have been asked many times over the years to host my own events where I can go into more depth about building businesses…both launching new businesses and taking already successful businesses to the next level. IFirst let me tell you what this event will NOT be:

  • It will not be a sales fest.
  • The speakers will NOT be upselling products and asking you to run to the back of the room.
  • It will NOT be an event with NO follow up to see how you are implementing what you learn.

Now for what this event WILL be:

  • A weekend kick-off dedicated to you and your business.
  • You have already qualified as a dedicated entrepreneur…so the weekend will be content, action and results driven.
  • A weekend of teachers and advisors dedicated to you and your business success.
  • Experts sharing their knowledge and assisting you to apply that knowledge to your specific business.
  • You will have a “laser focus” opportunity to mastermind with the other attendees and the master advisors on your business and develop new strategies for growth.
  • You will have a specific action plan ready to go when you return to your business.
  • And we will follow up with you at 30, 60 and 90 days after the summit to check on your progress.
  • On-going webinars to supplement and provide additional content from our experts.

As promised, at the completion of this study you will qualify and may apply to become part of a book based on members of the case study.· This case study will track your business from today, through the advice, action and results stages, for the next six months to a year, documenting the growth of your business.

You will also have the opportunity to be my guest on my Podcast; Your Money, Your Business, Your Life. Which you can promote through social media as a brilliant marketing tool for you to leverage and continue building your brand and your success. Most of all, your success story will be an inspiration to many other business owners looking for that strategic advice to help them become successful. You will become one of their master advisors!

If you have any questions please contact me at


I hope to see you on October 23rd!


You are fabulous!


Sharon Lechter CPA CGMA

CEO of Pay Your Family First

Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women and Save Wisely, Spend Happily, and co-author of Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil, Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other Rich Dad books