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Do you want a proven system that generates more leads, more sales and more profits?  Do you want clarity about effective online marketing, instead of being overwhelmed by the confusion and never ending expense of online marketing?

Would you like a fresh pair of eyes…or team of experts…to give you advice on moving your business to the next level?

Sharon Lechter and Wendy Stevens are hosting the Dedicated Entrepreneur event with a team of experts to focus on you and your business on October 23-25 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  From proven guerilla marketing strategies, identifying and leveraging your intellectual property, elevating the valuation of your company and focusing on bottom line profits, this event is like no other business event you have attended.

This 2 ½ day event kicks-off a 90 Day program with specific action items and 30-60-and-90 day follow up assessments and re-focus strategy plans to assist you in crystalizing your brand and message, elevating and heightening the quality of your prospect and lead generation. 

Your Event Plan Covers:

  • Branding That Sells
  • The Ultimate Leverage - Multiple Revenue Streams from your Intellectual Property
  • Proven Guerrilla Marketing Strategies & Tactics
  • The Secrets of Successful Negotiation
  • Systems and Cash Flow Management
  • Creating or Updating Your Business Profiles in Social Media to Establish your Expertise
  • Where Entrepreneurs get Advice and Whom do You Trust?
  • Raising Capital through Effective Storytelling
  • Laser Focus Sessions Specifically on Your Business with Our Team of Master Advisors
  • VIP Kick-Off Reception and Dinner at the Lechter Home Friday Evening
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided Saturday and Sunday
  • Surprise Event Saturday Evening

And there’s more:

This event is part of a case study on Entrepreneurship. Your 90-day program will be tracked and assessed as part of the study and best in class will be chosen personally by Sharon to be featured in her next book.

Event Location:  Scottsdale Plaza Resort (Click for reservations)

Friday: 6pm-8pm VIP Reception and Networking Saturday:  8am-9pm Sunday: 8am-6pm


Featured Experts for Case Study Development

Sharon and her expert advisors cover all aspects of how to improve Your Money, Your Business and Your Life in an entrepreneurial intensive like none before.


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Dear Dedicated Entrepreneur,

I invite you to be part of a case I am doing about entrepreneurship.

Have you ever said, “If I had only known…?”·· We all have. Making mistakes and suffering from the resulting financial and emotional consequences of those mistakes is all part of building a business. However, seeking the right strategic master advisors who will open doors for you and steer you away from potentially painful pitfalls is not only priceless…but it can speed your way to reaching your goals more quickly.

One of my greatest joys is serving as that strategic advisor for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to growing their businesses. I have spoken at many different entrepreneurial events and experienced what worked for the attendees….and too often, what didn’t. Most of the time the attendees get all pumped up but return home without a specific action plan tailored for them to execute.